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Hello, I´m Candela and I´m 10 years old.  My birthday is the 23 of August. I am from Málaga city.  My mum is called Estrella and she is from Guarroman, Jaen.  Her birthday is the 7 of January.  My dad is called Pablo and he is from Madrid.  His birthday is the 25 of March. I have a little sister called María.  Her birthday is the 23 of August, just like mine! I have family all over the world. In Santander, Burgos, Montejo de San Miguel, Germany, England…

My sister loves the colour red and her favourite name is Lula.

My favourite colour is turquoise. It´s a beautiful colour.  My favourite name is Reyes.  I love penguins, hedgehogs, dolphins and dogs.

I like music.  Adele is one of my favourite singers as well as Taylor Swift. I am always singing.  In my opinion, I sing very, very well.

I love skiing.  I´m good at it. Also, I´m very quick.

I love drawing and everyone says I do it very well.

I have birds. Now I don´t have a lot but I have had 12 of them.  I had hamsters also, but a long time ago.

I´ve been one time to Disneyland Paris and to Paris city.  I visited the Eiffel Tour.



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    • Oh, yes I did. It was real fun going there and you have to know it because you have gone lots of times.Did you enjoy it?
      I went on nearly all or all of the roller coaster.

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